Select your Patio Door style from the selection on the right, by clicking, with your cursor on the desired style.
Note.  X denotes the sliding panel, as viewed from OUTSIDE.

Use the sliders or click on dimension boxes to create the desired size, width & height.
There are minimum and maximum sizes for each type of patio door, these limits are shown by the limits you can move the sliders.
Select the Energy rating button, A, B,or C, the prices are shown as you select.
Toughened Glass is Supplied as standard for Patio’s, You can also select Patterned Glass.
Select “Cill” or “No Cill”. The Patio has a frame at the bottom with the sliding track in it.
The Cill option is for the sub Cill. The standard Cill is 150mm, we also supply 180mm Cill.
click the 'add to quote' button and scroll down to see your quote,
if you add more doors, click the add to quote button and these will be added to your quote and the total will be shown. 'Printer friendly' (print) button will allow you to save & print your quote. Or email to us as PDF file
In the 'Info' line, you will see extra information about your doors (style, area, diagonal,weight and volume). Checking the measurement for the diagonal will help you to verify that the height and width that you have entered are correct.
If your Aperture is slightly out of square, measure the diagonals & take the smallest size. Then adjust the height value using sliders, until Diagonal value is same as your smallest measured diagonal