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Frames and glass units

Casement Frames

  • We use a 70mm frame section to manufacture our casement windows.
  • With security in mind, our uPVC Windows are internally beaded....this means that the beading strips which hold the double glazed units in place are inserted from the inside and cannot be removed from outside.
  • Gaskets are bonded in (pre-gasketed) and they will not shrink at the corners.
  • The frame section is made from virgin material and not from reground material..some years ago the reground developed problems with colour shift so we never use it.

multichambered frame

  • The frame section is multi-chambered, providing highest thermal efficiency and adding strength to the frame.
  • All joints on our pvc windows are heat welded.
  • We install stainless steel egress hinges (fire escape hinges) on side hung openers using stainless steel screws.... we know that anything less will corrode within 4 or 5 years.
  • We use a three point lock on large openings and a two point lock on smaller openings... these can be locked in a part open position.

Glass units.

glass unit diagram

Glazing units are 28mm. 4:20:4 argon filled. This means that the units measure 28mm overall, two 4mm panes of glass (one float glass (external) and one with a special metal coating..soft coat low E..(internal) It has a transparent, invisible metallic coating which captures free energy from natural daylight, allowing it to pass through the glass and warm your home. At the same time the coating reflects heat generated in your home back into the room rather than allowing it to escape through the window. We choose to use the 'Planitherm' SG glass, it is a little more expensive than similar types but is superior in performance. We are members of the 'Planitherm' network.

Our windows are manufactured from profile supplied by Synseal Extrusion Ltd, which are Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 (Licence no. KM30983) and BS7950/BS EN12608 (Licence no. KM41324)

- Synseal Shield profiles have been assured by the BBA, Assessment report no. 1672 and no. 2519.





planitherm glass unit



door and side panel