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How to Measure for Window Quotes.

A guide to measuring for new upvc double glazed windows (casement).

First.. Measuring your windows is not difficult and for quotation purposes only, need not be exact.

To use our online calculators you will need to know the height and width of the opening for your new window, this is easily done with a tape measure, you will need to measure using metric.
If you want us to price for you we work in metric but you can give us sizes in imperial and we will convert, remember to tell us what window style you would like. You can email us details if you wish and we will respond promptly.

Unfortunately, not all window openings are acurately square and upright so it is helpful to measure each dimension in several places and use the smallest size. Measuring the diagonals will let you know if your existing window is out of square.

The diagonal measurement for any size window or door is shown on the bottom of each of the price calculators

PVC windows must not be fitted tightly into openings so deduct 5mm from each side and 5mm from top and bottom (ie. 10mm from each measured dimension). If you need a cill, choose that option on the calculators, deductions for a standard cill will be made for you and the price for the cill included in the price of the window. If we are quoting, let us know that you want a cill and and we will inlude the cill in the height. If you are fitting behind a brick or stone aperture please add for any overlap required.

You will need to decide what style and colour of window you would like, bearing in mind that there are maximum safe sizes for some openings and window styles and minimum production sizes for styles. The price calculators have many of the popular styles and are calibrated to allow for this but, if you do not see what you want, do contact us and we will be able to help or advise.

Check the Notes to the right for further information.


Vertical Sliding Sash.
These guidelines can be used when measuring for new pvc Vertical Sliding Sash if fitting behind brickwork or stonework add for any overlap required. But if they are to be fitted into a bay window situation, care must be taken that they don't clash at the internal corners. Please contact us for advice.




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