How to measure

Important Notes

Maximum width of a side hung vent is 650mm
Maximum width of a top hung vent is 1250mm
Maximum height of a side hung vent is 1250mm
Maximum height of a top hung vent is 650mm

Vent sizes are measured from edge of frame to centre line

Transom – Standard top vent drop is 350mm
Mullion – Standard side vent width is 600mm

Guide to measuring for uPVC double-glazing

  1. Draw the style you require in the box on the order form OR on a separate sheet of paper
  2. All designs must be as viewed from outside
  3. If external cills are required, heights must include cills
  4. You can give us the sizes in metric (mm) or imperial (inches)
  5. All our paperwork is in metric – we will convert sizes for you – please double-check order confirmations and let us know of changes as soon as possible

NB: PVC windows and doors must not be fitted tight into a brick opening – allow 5mm off each side and 5mm off top and bottom. The sizes you give us must be the made sizes of the frame.



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